190 years ago we were a small craft shop

today we are the company leader in Italy


We are talking about the Hermelin billiards, founded in 1825 perhaps for a bet, perhaps a bit 'for play, by Rinaldo Hermelin, a Milanese architect, author, probably unaware, of the creation of a name that today is known and appreciated throughout the world.

Have you ever imagined, the now legendary creator of the Hermelin brand, that your signature would become so prestigious and that in the new millennium it would still be present, and so entrenched, on the market? Perhaps not even the most daring of dreamers could have imagined anything like this.

The fact is that today Hermelin Biliardi can boast of being, as well as the most prestigious, the oldest company in the industry.

Rinaldo Hermelin initially settled in Via Scaldasole, in the old Milan area of ​​Ticinese. If at that time he could not imagine such a lucky fate, he realized, however, that his individual pieces, handmade from the first to the last shavings, met the taste and praise of those who knew this ancient and noble sport.

The company began to grow: in Rinaldo, Costantino succeeded and the workshop, towards the middle of the 800, moved to Via Disciplini. The laboratory began to grow and the brand spread among the people of the "good Milan". A few years passed and the son of Constantine, Sergio Hermelin, found a new and larger company headquarters. To him, a pioneer of modern entrepreneurship, we owe the transformation from the workshop to the company that despite the continuous technical innovation still jealously preserves its founder's craftsmanship.

The Milanese company can be considered a simple story, familiar, linked to tradition as well as the feeling of those who, for love or for pleasure, for furniture or for passion, decided to install in his home one of the oldest, noble "toys" and fun of the world, the dear, old and always loved billiards.

Today the Hermelin billiard showroom is located in Caronno Pertusella (VA) adjacent to the establishment where the legendary Hermelin billiards are produced.

If a certain "Made in Italy"Is appreciated in the world, the credit goes to Hermelin billiards. Accurate and precious for materials, lines, combinations and designs, the production of the Milanese company boasts over 30 different models, which then become an infinity as they can be made with all possible variants: lacquering, cloth color, size, chrome plating, etc.

The final product is always a jewel of technical and aesthetic precision.

Currently the company, which has maintained an artisanal structure, has about sixty employees between employees and externals, with a dense sales network organized with retailers, points of sale and assistance all over the world.

The Hermelin, now, followed by the most renowned Italian and foreign clientele on request is able to satisfy every artistic "whim" of interior designers, architects and pretentious individuals.


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