... from the 1825

the number one of billiards


La Hermelin invents, builds and assembles billiards of high quality and prestige, each of which represents an authentic masterpiece of master craftsmanship and Italian creativity.

Innovative design, high quality materials (including non-traditional materials such as leather, glass, steel, brass, bronze, etc.) and combinations of the finest wood species (ebony) , rosewood, wenge, teak, walnut, etc.) make each bigliardo a unique and inimitable piece. Not only that: today the Hermelin is able to realize, upon request, any model, based on drawings by architects or designers (also supplied by the customer himself).

The production now boasts over 30 different models, which then become an infinity since they can be made with all possible variants: lacquering, cloth color, size, chrome plating, as well as customizable on request. Moreover, dealing also with the second-hand market and with the most quoted auction houses, the Hermelin she also specialized in the renovation and restoration of antique billiards, giving them new life and turning them into priceless antiques.

The result of these treatments becomes each time a jewel of technical precision and aesthetic perfection, so much so that the billiards Hermelin they have always furnished the most important houses in Italy and in many foreign countries. Among the most recent customers of the historic Milanese company are large companies that have embellished with Hermelin club house clubs, showrooms and some of their most prestigious locations. Very long also the list of "VIPs" of the world of fashion, sport, music, finance and politics who have bought a billiards for their homes.


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