Billiards with holes

for American Pool game


  • entirely made of solid lacquered wood of any color chosen by the customer
  • finish (matt or glossy) to customer's choice
  • special "floral" decorations in polished brass at the legs (also available in chromed brass)
  • corners in polished brass depicting the "lion" (also available in chromed brass)
  • particular brass "under-shore" profile with buttons depicting the "lion" (also available in chromed brass)
  • billiard table suitable for "personalization"
  • baskets for collecting balls covered in leather or billiard cloth (customer choice)
  • cloth of the best color brands to customer choice
  • field measurement game Mt. 2,54 x 1,27 (9 feet)
  • External measures about Mt. x 2,92 1,65
  • also available in other sizes chosen by the customer
  • weight about kg. 600
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