The skilled hands of our artisans are joined by talented designers to create unique pieces of high quality.

Giovanni Luca Ferreri

Giovanni Luca Ferreri was born in Monza in 1970. He studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic University and graduated in 1998. In 2003 gain a PhD in Composizione Architetturale all'università di Architettura in Venice. Since the beginning, he deals with Art, Applied Arts and Decoration. Since 2004 he teaches Composition and Urban Design Alla Bovisa - Faculty of Architecture of Milan Polytechnic University. He has an office in Milan and a big part of his job is the 2004 is dedicated to the design of private homes.


It’s an italian-german collaboration, that combines old restoration techniques with new and contemporary tools. It was founded in 2009 from Andrea Zambelli and Nat Wilms, the brand name is a linguistic game related to their vision of furnishings that finds inspiration in an external element from the land by bringing it "out" into interiors.

Bendetta Colombo

Benedetta Colombo was born in Como in 1996. She graduated in 2020 in “Progettazione artistica per l’impresa all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera”.
Immediately after she started her career in Hermelin as a draftsman and designer, bringing a new, fresh, dynamic vision in a business with 200 years of history


English Snooker
American Pool
Biliardo all’italiana
Russian Pyramid